Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Tuesday's just as bad.

I got to play hockey tonight, and I signed on for the next several weeks.  Since the regular adult league starts up again in September, I want to have some ice time prior to get my skating legs back.  Aside from a blister on my foot, which will callous and not be a problem when I'm back into the swing of skating three times a week, no real aches or pains. . . til tomorrow when I wake up, I'm guessing.  It's Lutzie's invite-only league on Tuesday nights.  The stress left my body as I slammed around out there.

I called up my flooring guy, my tenant who needs to work off his back rent, to finally finish up some work he left unfinished.  I hate to lose my cool, but he's been stringing me along for 3 days and my new roommie has boxes piled in the middle of the floor waiting for him to glue some corners.  Just annoying, but he came over at 11pm and knocked it out.

My house was appraised today.  The amount it appraised for will determine how much cash I can get out of it by refinancing.  Not the smartest thing financially in the long run, but sort of necessary for the time being.

I had some pretty good Vietnamese noodle soup at a different place than Pho 97.  The breaded and fried sweet potato appetizer object with shrimp in the middle was everything I had remembered.  Afterwards, a walk up the hill to a coffee shop which was having a 10 year anniversary yielded free coffee.  It was a zen moment.  Happy tummy.

I think I applied for a dozen jobs today, and spent over 100 minutes on the phone with recruiters and got very little else accomplished.  The roommies fridge is in place in the kitchen/bar to be.  Rinse, repeat tomorrow.

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