Thursday, August 17, 2006

Retracted job offer?

I thought I had a job, but someone at Sprint or Kelly Services or United IT screwed up and the job the recruiter thought they were hiring me for and the job that Sprint was actually hiring me for were two different jobs.  I was quoted $43 an hour and had even signed an acknowledgement that I was an employee of UIT and Kelly Services and not Sprint directly.  After a period of silence, I called the recruiter and asked him what to do next.  He let me know that the pay was actually only 25.70 an hour.  He said the president of UIT had contacted Sprint to complain about the mix up.  I doubt I'll be working with UIT at all. . . ever.  Nor Sprint for that matter.  The problem is that I had called a number of other recruiters to let them know I had accepted an offer.  Ouch.  How do you call them back and say, "The offer I accepted was bogus.  Please, put my name back in the hat," without sounding awkward?

Anyway, a job opening at SAIC appeared today, which suits me.  Alternatively, I could go to work now for Spherion working for ACS working at Hallmark for 26 an hour.  But I think ACS would rather hire someone directly than through a staffing service like Spherion.  Spherion's cut must be huge, because I got the indication from the other engineers there that 26 is pretty low, based on their facial expressions.  I only went to the interview for the purpose of meeting the people at Hallmark, anyway.  I think it was worthwhile.  It would be a great place to do contract work.  The commute to Hallmark headquarters is super easy.

Today, I'm spewing resumes and cover letters and soliciting for a job at places where I would like to work, whether they have openings posted or not.  So far, I've gotten one response.  I think going direct and ignoring the staffing service recruiters is more my style.  Especially so, after that bait and switch burn yesterday.

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