Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another job offer?

In a strange twist of fate, I was contacted by a recruiter whom I've been working with on the UMB Bank job opportunity I interviewed for a while back.  It's the job for which I narrowly missed being hired when I failed to get his call/voice mail for a couple of hours due to a dead cell phone battery.  Well, the guy who made the low ball offer and undercut me didn't work out, and they're preparing an offer for me.  The recruiter is shooting for $42 an hour for 8 months.  If he hits the mark, I might jump all over it and send my apologies to the Sprint hiring manager.  The dilemma is troubling.  Sprint network versus UMB web?  Benefits versus no benefits?  Slumming in a NOC job versus $25k a year more and preservation of my ever increasing salary history?  Easy job in my core competency versus challenging job which expands my experience?  Pain in the ass 30 minute commute versus easy 15 minute commute?  Midnight shift versus daytime hours?  30 minute meal break versus 1 hour lunch downtown?  Kansas versus Missouri?  Working weekends and holidays versus a bank holiday schedule?  I'm accepting advice at this point.


  1. well, I'm old, so benefits sound good to me.  But if you are a risk-taker, sounds like you'd better go ahead with the new one; you'd be happier with it.  If there's no health insurance, I hope you don't have any health problems!  But for that much more money, you might be able to pay for your own insurance and still come out ahead.  

  2. Certainly is a pickle, but I think the Sprint job is more conducive to your educational goals.  You'll have the time to get your masters and the educational reimbursement to boot.  Now, if the UMB job was a permanent hire, that'd be a different story entirely.  I've been through their interviewing process and they have a nice benefits package for their full time employees.  I'm sure if you went through the 8 month contract period, you WOULD get hired on permanently, so you have to take that into account.  Both jobs have tremendous upside.  Sprint has made it clear that they have plans to move you up quickly.

    I dunno.  It's quite a pickle, but a good one to be in.