Sunday, September 18, 2005

We're not in Kansas any more.

Well, I'm in Silicon Valley, and I don't have anything positive or negative to say about it. It's more ethnically diverse than my 'hood. It has the many of the same chain restaurants and stores in and around the (strip) malls, but with palm trees in the fore and mountains behind. The pedestrians here are all jumpy, like getting run down in a parking lot is typical. Shiny office buildings dot the freeway access roads with blue chip internet stock names on them. So, that's different. . . from Kansas City. We went to Dave and Busters, for food and fun, but ended up eating some pretty decent food and watching the Chiefs versus Raiders game and listening to the Raiders fans in the bar area cheer (read: whine). Asian ladies driving SUVs aggressively at every turn. That doesn't even need to be a sentence. If you can picture it, it'll save me a thousand words.

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