Saturday, September 24, 2005

Crowds. Good when you choose them.

Home again. It feels good to be home. KC feels less crowded, despite the crowds I traversed at the 74th Annual Plaza Art Fair. 74th? That means they started the thing during the Great Depression. Out of dozens and dozens of art booths, I liked about 4 of them. I had to dodge the triple decker strollers and the folks who decided that a crowded art fair is the perfect place to walk their Great Pyrenees. The art I like is kitschy, quirky, and cool. Brian Cunningham's work is fun. His friend was in attendance in overalls. He's a big ol' friendly guy, manning the Chris Roberts-Antieau booth.  I loved it. She must really like to sew.  The pieces were large and very high quality.  I'm excited about going to the NHL exhibition game tonight.  Blues v. Preds?  Go Blues!

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