Saturday, September 24, 2005


On the way home from the hockey game, I stopped at the McDonald's at I-70 & Prospect.  I knew better.  It is quite possibly the slowest drive-thru in this hemisphere.  They have a 24-hour drive-thru.  It takes about 24 hours to drive through it.  In the past, I have sat there for several minutes at the end of the line which only moves when someone in the line gets impatient and pulls away.  In roughly the amount of time it would have taken for me to drive to the Van Brunt McDonald's or all the way to the Raytown McDonald's on Highway 350, get my food, and drive home, I got my 5 piece chicken selects combo meal.  When I got home, it only had 4 pieces and it was cold.  They did, however, give me enough sweet & sour sauce to go into the business.  But, they've had two chances, really, and I'll be driving to the Raytown store or eating some other kind of late night drive-thru food in the future.


  1. I know how much that sucks!  The worst is when they hand you a drink and the lid isn't on all the way and it spills as soon as you get it over your lap!  At least you got more than enough sauce to go with your four chicken strips! :)

  2. The thing you hear said about McDonalds is that they are consistent (Fries in Russia are the same as Fries in America and Japan).  This goes right out the window when you go to a McDonalds late at night and in the hood.  Chicken Selects are one of the items in particular that can be really good or really bad.  When they're bad, they're REALLY bad... they could call them JERKY selects.  Dry pieces of chicken jerky... yummmm-not.

    Seriously... here's the interview process for late-night McDonalds employee:

    "Yep... he's got a pulse.  Put him on the fryer!"