Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not necessarily a 10

I clicked on a headline under a Fashion heading that says "A 10 Is Not a 10 Is Not a 10" in hopes it would be about supermodels. Instead, it's about a marketing scheme to do with dress sizes. "American companies now start their sizing with zero and they're cutting far more generously, presumably so that the customer will think, "Oh my God, I'm an eight! I'm an eight!" and buy whatever she's trying on, even though she's the same old size she always was." This would never work on guys, because 34 inches is 34 inches and always will be. Besides, guys aren't going to get that excited if the 33 fits better than the 34.  Maybe a guy would be thrilled if the 36 fit better than the 44, but I think the gig would be up as soon as one unfurled a 36 with 8 extra inches of waistband.  A guy usually knows his approximate waist size.  If there's nothing cool filed under that size or maybe the size above/below it, he's not going to start shopping even smaller sizes.  Who invented a subjective sizing system for dresses?  Can't they just put the chest, torso, waist, and hip dimensions on the tag and save the ladies some time and disappointment?

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