Monday, August 1, 2005

Nebraska versus Oklahoma

Road trips to Lincoln, NE to conduct job interviews are atypical for me.  In fact, it's a first.  But I (not so) secretly hope the guy from Oklahoma gets the offer.  Not that I'm biased, but he came across as a really great guy with most of the right credentials and experience, which is more than I had hoped for after reading all the candidate resumes.  I'm sorta jealous of the position he may get, because it's a sweet spot.  The Nebraska network has a few challenges, but it's far simpler than Kansas and Missouri.  I knew the interview was over when he was asked if he likes corn.  I knew he was a shoe-in for the spot when he grinned and gave an answer that was almost as funny as the question.

Speaking of road trips, the trip to Tahlequah to float down the Illinois River was big fun.  Drunk and fun Jason spent more time out of the boat than in it.  There was an impedence mismatch, because I was 100% sober for that portion of the adventure.  JL jumped in the water to relieve herself, but couldn't make it go. . . for about a quarter mile.  I'm still chuckling.  The impedence mismatch continued later for another reason as I tried to derail/heckle some kind of WTMI girl talk conversation as I held the flashlight for them on the way to/from the campground restrooms. I'm still shuddering.  Sorry girls.  The camping portion was fun, but less eventful.  We had beverages and made s'mores, after we found some wood that wasn't too green to burn.  Unlike all previous camping trips to this point in my life where eggs and bacon were fried on a griddle in the morning, someone went into town for some Braum's breakfast.  I think I liked that better.  Proper!  </hammer>  It's only better because there's not a Braum's within 90 miles of KC.  When I lived in Oklahoma, I'd drive past 3 or 4 of them a day.  I miss Braum's.  Not enough to move away from KC.  By the way, my Chiefs tickets are in hand!


  1. It was fun getting to meet a fellow southern-oklahoman.  At least you've escaped!  You all need to come back soon.  *emily*

  2. Hopefully next time I won't bust my bladder on the raft! haha  :)