Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rewinding today

When tonight's work is done, I will be ready to sleep soundly in my own bed.  I'm up late babysitting some network gear during some changes to a distribution hub network in Kansas City, Kansas.  Before that I played hockey badly in the 30 and Over League.  My legs were sitff and sore.  At one point early in the first period I stopped a slap shot with my left ankle.  When the shock and numbness stopped, the pain set in.  Before the game I had some very heavy and rich food at my brother's birthday dinner.  Before that I rolled into town from Minneapolis.  It's just over 400 miles of some of the more boring stretches of I-35 that I've ever seen.  That's saying a lot!  I hate the stretch between Norman and Ardmore in Oklahoma almost as badly as Ponca City to Guthrie.  The wasteland between Kansas City and Wichita is the least exciting space one could ever view.  Well, there's a stretch of fruited plain between Des Moines and Albert Lea, which is positively mind numbing.  Do you like corn?  It's not as bad as taking I-70 across Kansas, but it's close.  Before the long ride, I was pestered by work-related phone calls from about 8:45am til I finally told them I had to stop, check out of the hotel before noon, and roll to KC.  Prior to that, we had done the second night of equipment moves from the old Minneapolis space to the new one between 12am to 4am.  I might have gotten four hours of sleep.  I don't think so.

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