Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Comments? Gasp!

The most unique thing about today is that someone other than me or a family member actually posted comments here.  Woot woot! 

I played hockey to the hilt last night and really, really hurt when I went to bed.  It was beyond the normal soreness, which I can work out by stretching and drinking a lot of water.  I had a powerfully bad headache when I woke up.  And again when I woke up with chills and sweats.  Flu? And again when I woke up and called in sick.  Then, the telemarketers who never call me decided today was a good day.  And the random work contacts called.  And the boss called.  It's amazing how plugged into work I am on a sick day.  After that, the ibuprofin started working.  I tried to get at least a couple of consecutive hours of sleep and went downtown for some Coconut Curried Chicken & Shrimp on Egg Noodles.  That's comfort food for me.  I finally felt better, but not in time to make it to the rink for the Wednesday night 30 and Over League game.  I think I would have passed out anyway.  The mode for tonight is relaxation. . . and to work this midnight maintenance window.  I will go to the gym tomorrow, even if I have to go to the hospital after that.  :-)

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