Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flood water's risin'

I got an email requesting volunteers to go to Northwest Missouri and sandbag the Mississippi River.  If I wasn't neck deep in three projects, I think I would go.


Dear Charles,

The floodwaters are quickly rising in northeast Missouri, and the Mississippi River is on course to reach near-record levels.  During this emergency, our neighbors are counting on our help to protect their homes, businesses and communities.
Today, I'm heading up to northeast Missouri to help with the sandbagging efforts in Clarksville, Hannibal and West Quincy.  And if you can spare a few hours in the next day or two, I'm asking you to pitch in as well.  All along the river, Missouri communities need our help right away. You can find updated lists of volunteer requests here:

Missouri's 211 hotline also can direct you to volunteer opportunities in the area.
Your service will make a difference.  Thank you for helping your neighbors in this time of urgent need.

Jay Nixon
Missouri Attorney General

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