Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FISA = Big Brother

It's time to contact your Senator.  There's a bill which passed the House which is worse than the PATRIOT ACT.  Way worse.  It shreds the Fourth Amendment.  It's called the FISA amendments.  FISA is the wiretap law from 1978.  These amendments open it up so that they can wiretap any call without a court order if they believe any participant in the call is overseas.  I believe this includes any electronic surveillance, including email.  That abridges our current rights and dismisses any ongoing illegal wiretap lawsuits, because it is retroactive.  It's a big power grab by the Executive Branch.  It will be voted on in the Senate soon.  It's one giant leap toward the Big Brother of 1984.  The amount of surveillance they're doing already is terrifying.  This let's any law enforcement officer, even the dog catcher, listen to any cell phone call without a warrant.  That is way too much power in the hands of the government.  I'm less afraid of the terrorists, actually.

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  1. Didn't you say something about moving to Canada the other day??  That's scary.