Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Escape from Lufkin, TX

I made it back safely from Houston/Lufkin, TX.  I'm pretty sure I flew right over Broken Bow Lake on the way home tonight.  My teammates stayed another night in Houston, because they had booked on American, which doesn't fly direct to Kansas City.  Since I work for a contractor, I can book on whatever airline I want.  Consequently, the round trip to Houston was $350 on Continental, instead of $200 or so on American, but I saved the difference by not staying in a hotel tonight.  <shrug>

We ate in the most decadent restaurant you could ever imagine. Fogo de Chao!  It's this amazing salad buffet, including the best cheeses, greens, and smoked seafood, but they give you a card which has a red side, which says "No, thanks." and a green side, which says "More, please!"  And these guys patrol the restaurant with big slabs or cuts of meat on big skewers or platters and carve it off onto your plate until you say stop.  If you forget to turn your card to the red side, you soon end up with a heaping pile of meat on your plate.  They bring you bottomless fried bananas, polenta, and mashed potatoes, too.  It's $50 if you just have water.  I can't imagine what the bill is like if you drink wine.  I filled up on fresh vegetables drenched with Italian dressing, filet mignon, lamb chops, leg of lamb, pork ribs, bacon wrapped chicken medallions, and some dilectible top sirloin.  I got in my 200 grams of protein today, without a doubt.  It was all terribly delicious and cooked to perfection.  Now, I will try to put that on my expense report with a straight face and crossed fingers.

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  1. Can't imagine eating all that......but you always had a bottomless stomach and never gained an ounce!  And you did fly over BB Lake...we are in the flight path of many flights.