Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More travel

I have more travel lined up for next week.  They changed the schedule around, so I have to cancel and rebook some of the travel, which is a huge hassle and expense.  It's their money.  <shrug>  If I had stayed with my same airline tickets, I would be stranded in Houston for four days over a weekend before the rest of the team caught up with me.  If I had a place to stay in Houston, I would do that.  I could check out Mission Control at NASA or something.

Meanwhile, I'm playing catch up on the documentation from the previous trips.  It's time consuming because I'm supporting a remote team of server nerds in Dallas, and I can fix half their problems, but I end up on marathon phone calls to help them troubleshoot their own stuff.  They need constant reassurance that their problems are not network related.  I did more packet debug today than I've done in the past 3 or 4 years combined, just to reassure them that A) the firewall never got the packet or B) the firewall didn't block their packet.  In all fairness, I did make a few firewall rule changes to get their stuff working.  Their requirements sheet is sorta wrong.

So, now I'm going to grab a quick workout, then I'm having dinner at Adam's.  After that, I really must finish these network maps!

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