Monday, February 12, 2007

Piled on.

I had a good weekend.  I vegetated on my brother's couch and watched movies on Friday.  Saturday, I ate McBreaksfast, watched my brother teach a class, got registered for my next semester, saw my niece in ballet class, ate sushi, bought groceries, took a shower, talked to a friend on the phone, then I went ice skating with the niece and nephew while my brother and his wife went to see a play.  CC is 4.  We swung by the dollar store and got her some gloves, because I couldn't find hers and it was her first time going ice skating.  I knew she would be falling and getting up a lot.  It's not fun when you put your cold hands on cold ice.  I think she had fun until her feet started hurting.  We shed the skates and grabbed dinner at Fritz's, where the food comes to your table on a train. The pic in this post is of CC in a paper railroad engineer's hat.  I had to wear one, too.  :-)  Then we shopped and went to Benton's and sat in the lounge and listened to live jazz.  Pie a la mode.  I had the apple fritter, D had chocolate, CC just wanted ice cream.  CC bought a cheap pink digital camera when we were shopping.  It works, but it doesn't have a screen.  When we got home we decorated it with stick-on rhinestones.  I told her it is the most beautiful camera I have ever seen.  She's mega-cute.  She had bought a bejeweled tiara and wand.  Low grade plastic, but shiny.  She modeled those for me and I took her picture with her new camera. 

On Sunday, I went curling at one ice rink and played hockey at another.  I count that as a work-out.

Well, I've been to two meetings today, and as is usual on Mondays in my new work environment, if you don't populate your Outlook calendar, people assume you're not busy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They have realized I know stuff, so they're piling on.  I helped the server folks by configuring access into a customer's network environment remotely, so most of them didn't have to travel.  I configured some access-lists in a firewall instance, and now I get copied on all such requests.  Yikes.  There are some high visibility tickets coming my way, too.  These issues have short fuses.  This is going to be a short lunch break.


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend.  Wish I could have been there too.  I hope CC doesn't decide to become a figure skater now. May have a chance to come up there soon...H has 5 vacation days left that have to be used by Feb. 24th unless he can get an extension...and CC has been wanting to come down here.

  2. Love that picture.  Thanks SO much for hanging out and doing stuff with the kids.  They had a blast and I know they love you very much and like spending time with you.

  3. CC was enamored by the figure skaters practicing in the middle doing jumps and spins.  She has the balance and coordination to do figure skating.  She was starting to get the hang of things, but is still a little afraid when she starts gliding fast.  She hasn't learned how to stop, so we'll work on that next time.  When left to herself, she would skate without any hand-holding or clinging to the rail.  A few more skating lessons and she'll have it.