Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good day.

In a meeting this morning the project manager of the project I'm working on gave out the project plan including what efforts are required each week.  Currently, I'm working on things that were to be completed last week.  She said it's kinda hard for Charles to get this done when he's getting pulled in so many directions.  So, the PM demanded that they share me better.  Alrighty.  So, today nobody has interrupted my work, even once!

I shoveled a ton of snow out of my driveway this morning.  It was eight inches deep if it was one.  A water main burst at the end of my street and melted some of the snow off of the street, but the water department had my street blocked most of the morning.  I dialed into the meetings today.  I feel lucky to have gotten my shower before they shut down the water.

The road conditions on the way to work were not so good.  I was slipping and sliding on several occasions.  Turn into the skid!  Even if you're headed for the ditch. . . it's the only way to regain control.  Since it rained before it snowed, it washed the salt off the roads, then formed a layer of ice.  Just perfect!  So, the plows are helping, but they couldn't begin to salt the roads until the rain converted to snow.  Last night was the first time I have heard thunder in a snow storm.


  1. I have an ASA Firewall book for you to borrow.  Come by the house whenever.

  2. We, out east, got 3 or 4 inches, but there was some drifting.  

  3. We have a chance for a snow flurries beginning around midnight and since it won't get above freezing before at least Friday I think I'll swing by the grocery store before coming home tonight.  At least we most likely won't get anything that can be measured in inches.  (hehe)