Monday, February 27, 2006

Mardi Gras Weekend.

I did not train on Friday, because I went to a party. I did not train on Saturday. I slept in, then did some cleaning, then did some laundry, then went to the store. I had a get-together at the house Saturday night, including watching some Kung Faux DVD which I had completely forgotten about.  It's basically 70's kung fu movies edited down to just the fights and plot points, then dubbed over by rap artists playing the characters with the ebonics laid on thick.  Funny stuff.  It's big on cable in the UK, but too harsh for the censors here.  Anyway, then I went to play poker at Harrah's until the sun came up. I arrived at the casino with $23. I put $20 in a penny slot machine until I hit a bonus and cashed out $65. I bought chips and played some 3/6 Texas Hold 'Em. I was up about $300, but lost $100 back before I decided it was time to quit. Then I slept. Then I played hockey in the afternoon. My team won 8-4. I grabbed a Vanilla Hulk Smoothie from Smoothie King, stopped by the grocery store for a few items, then played hockey again at 8pm. It was a very fast paced drop-in game. Playing against people who are way better than me indicated some weaknesses. I need to work on puck protection and shooting from my backhand side.  When I was first learning to play and going to Mike McEwan's clinics in Oklahoma City, he would have us pick a partner, grab a puck, and just play keepaway for about 10 minutes at the beginning of practice.  I learned more about puck protection doing that than anything.  But I need to brush up, I guess.  After all that I was craving pomegranite juice.  It's about six bucks for a 24 ounce bottle. . . which was empty before I even got it home from the store.  In all, I'd say it was a fun weekend.


  1. How big is the bad beat jackpot now?  Around 130k, right?

  2. The bad beat jackpot at Harrah's is approximately $108k now.

  3. I tried to find out what happened to Mike McEwan, but all I can find is a hockey bio from

    McEwen, Mike 'Q' (1956- )
    Born in Homepayne, Ontario, Canada. Defenceman.
    Club Career : Played for New York Rangers 1976-79, New York Rangers & Colorado Rockies 1979-80, Colorado Rockies & New York Islanders 1980-81, New York Islanders 1981-83, New York Islanders & Los Angeles Kings & New Haven Knighthawks 1983-84, Washington Capitals & Binghamton Whalers 1984-85, Detroit Red Wings & New York Rangers & New Haven Knighthawks & Hartford Whalers 1985-86, Hartford Whalers 1986-87, HC Sierre & Hartford Whalers 1987-88, EHC Olten 1988-91 and New Haven Knighthawks 1991-92. Coached Oklahoma City Blazers 1992-93.
    Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1981, 1982 & 1983.
    Honours : NHL All-Star Roster 1980.