Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Instituto de la Seguridad Social

I have a tenant who is from Mexico. She was born in Mexico. Everything I've checked is legitimate, but her credit is trash. She doesn't always pay her rent on time, but she does pay it when she says she'll pay it, and she has been working for a major travel-related company for a few years now. Her son is in and out, and I think he's in Iraq now.  Her daughter is in college somewhere on a scholarship.  These are really good people with really bad credit.  But her mother, who also lives with her, is Mexican.  She has never, to my knowledge, been legitimately employed here. But, she, somehow, for some reason, has a social security number. Here's the clincher:  She draws social security benefits and has never worked a single day in the U.S!! The Office of the Inspector General won't do anything, because, apparently, if you pay into the system with a bogus social security number, they KEEP THE MONEY. The Congress, I believe, keeps the thing on the hush, because illegal immigrants are paying $7 billion a year into the social security system. They are the bouy that's keeping the thing afloat. Personally, I'm outraged.  How much of that $7 billion goes out to illegals who are retirement age who have never paid a penny into the system, though?  Let's try not to think about Medicare for illegals; that might send me over the edge.  It has been illegal to employ these people since 1986.  It is now clear to me that we have a $7 billion reason to not enforce that law, and so it goes unenforced.  It's sickening when our own system undermines itself.  The SSA needs to be abolished.  It's a big mess.  Let me and a million other people who want to spend our earnings while we can to opt out of it and not burden the thing any further.  The thought of paying into a system that hands out free money to illegals of retirement age makes me want to vomit.  At least I get some of it back in the form of rent.


  1. Maybe she has survivor benefits fom a spouse.

  2. I say, next time she don't pay you your rent/Social Security reimbersment, boot her out. Good person or not she is a leach and should be treated as she treats others.

    Mexicans illegally immigrating by the millions to America for the past 20+ years with the option of draining our Social Security System? No wonder we won't be getting any of the benifits we
    pay in....Sad

    How about these poor Mexicans driving around in $60,000 dollar SUV's on $10,000 dollar 25" chrome rims? Taking jobs I wouldn't want? well I can't afford a vehicle like that? Give me a job that would make me that well off not some MEXICAN!on top of that they collect our Social Security Benifits? Wow...
    I'd like to see our unemployment percentage converted to actual numbers and then compared to the amount of illegal mexicans in this country.. bet it's close.

    I say boot them and rent to an American, I'm sure she could probably afford to buy a house by now and rob another American of one more "American Dream".

  3. Through some Karmic events, my Mexican tenants moved out this past weekend.  I'm getting the house ready to show and I already have two people interested.  Both of these prospective tenants are young professional women who have lived here their whole lives.  If I don't paint the living room, it's a bright fiesta orange with a yellowish wash and the shelves are green.  It is muy bueno.  If they don't go for it, I'll ask Sherwin-Williams.