Friday, February 10, 2006

Fight night dilemma.

A few months ago, I attended the Titan Entertainment boxing and MMA event at the Beaumont. Nine bouts of awesome boxing followed by some mixed martial arts fights, which didn't work as well in a boxing ring. Every time they went to the ground the guy on bottom would scramble to the edge under the ropes and the ref would bring them back to neutral position in the center of the ring lest they fall off the side. That was fine, because the matches lasted longer and the ring girls were sponsored by Harley Davidson and the leather outfits were super hot.

I also recently attended the Adrenaline Extreme Combat mixed martial arts event at the Beaumont which featured a few of the same fighters. I was impressed that it was a well-officiated cage fight with an actual octagonal cage. The cage girls were also super hot. It was amazing fun, but the announcer was this annoying blonde woman with the worst possible voice for introducing fighters and even worse for yelling over the loud hip hop and hard rock introduction music.  I did, however, see some great and memorable fights.

Titan has scheduled their professional MMA event at Memorial Hall on the exact same night (March 11, 2006) as the Adrenaline fights at the Beaumont.  I'm torn.  Why divide the market?  I'm not sure if I would rather watch TFC's inaugural professional MMA event with the Titan production value or subject myself to another gritty Adrenaline event at the Beaumont.  I want Dominic Brown to win the Adrenaline middleweight belt.

American Jujitsu is producing some excellent fighters.  I have no idea what gyms are represented or who will fight in the TFC event.  Such a dilemma.

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