Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sprint Corporation parting shots

And I stopped to take a few pictures of the sprawling Overland Park headquarters of the Sprint Nextel Corporation, to which I may never return after Tuesday.  This image will serve as a reminder of that both wonderful and horrible place.  I had hoped to catch a picture of campus security in their Nazi jackets and bicycle helmets zipping around the cubicle farms on their Segway scooters.  Sunday is a good day for that, because the place is desolate outside the network operations center in building 6550.  No employees to run over, so they can go full speed.  I almost caught a picture of one as he zipped down toward the fitness center, but he disappeared behind a row of columns before I got the button pressed.


  1. Oops.  Those are the pics from the first snow.  

  2. That looks more like the Sprint campus.