Friday, December 29, 2006

My new office

I grabbed a lunch break, which consisted of a hike to the cafeteria in the north building of the Summit Technology Campus, where I work.  The food is actually decent.  I got a pork chop, greens, cornbread, and a milk for $3.95.  Not bad.  I've been working in this new office for two weeks now, and I'm just getting settled in.  It took them two weeks to procure my laptop, because they've been focused on moving into the new location here, plus the people who make these things happen have been taking vacation days.  Consequently, I've been getting work done via face to face meetings and using my personal email account and my personal laptop.  The first week, I did very little except read documents and watch some training presentations on CD and attend briefings to get up to speed on the project in which I'll be participating.  There are still moving boxes sitting around, and a bit of freight related to the project, too.  The first couple of days they were still painting the restrooms in our area, so we had to take a hike to the next nearest public restrooms. . . down a very long hallway, then a left and down the longest hallway I've ever seen.  I think I saw a hallway almost this long at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, and someone mentioned that the Denver airport might have a longer one, but I seriously doubt it.  This one wins on length to width ratio, hands down.  For the doubters, I've included a satellite pic of the building, and a pic of this ridiculous hallway, which runs the length of it.  Restroom breaks required advance planning.

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  1. Good grief!!!  You ought to get some exercise in, just walking that hallway.