Friday, September 8, 2006

My plate is full.

The most unique thing today is the Asada Fries at Pancho's.  It's basically a mound of fries with a mound of carne asada with guacamole and sour cream dobbed on top.  Guac on fries is the most delicious surprise.  Asada Fries looked gratuitous and tasted pretty amazing.

It may seem that I've dropped off the face of the planet lately, but I'm just settling into a new routine which includes dressing in business casual, a 30 minute commute each way, a night shift in the Sprint Network Control Center, a big breakfast, a grueling morning workout with heavy weights, a big lunch, sleeping with my phone turned OFF during the day, ice hockey 3 nights a week, graduate school one night a week, graduate school work when I can get it done, a side business involving telemarketing in the late afternoon, a big dinner, and a social life whereever I can fit it in edgewise.

I was unusually strong this morning.  My bench press is almost back where it was when I stopped lifting heavy back in May.  The "muscle has memory" axiom may be true.  My body weight is back to 194 pounds.    Part of the gain is muscle, but I have to confess and attribute part of the weight gain to the additional stress yields cortisol yeilds extra fat mechanism.  I was fitted for a tuxedo so I can usher at Adam & JoLynn's wedding and the tailor wrote that I have a 35 inch waist.  Ouch.  33 is more usual.  I have noticed that my "business casual" pants are fitting a little tight.  I stopped by the store after my Project Management class tonight to grab some "business casual" pants.  Luckily, I didn't have to change.  It's technically a "jeans" Friday due to a company barbecue, which doesn't happen until long after my shift.  The word is that midnight shift can play it both ways and wear jeans on Friday morning as well as Friday night (Saturday morning). 

The new job is going well, and I attribute it to the fact that I'm a fast learner.  Once I figured out that I could watch two training programs in separate browser windows at a time with background music from in a third window, I'm plowing through the training at double speed.  My computer has six big flat screen monitors on a tree so I can rearrange them.  They've got me doing the mindless repetitive work for now, since I'm not up to speed and stilltaking online training.  I have a handset which receives email reminders when it's time to conduct wireless tests.  I'm monitoring wireless data tonight.  Short mail, web mail, Virgin Mobile, and a variety of 2G features.  Most of the testing is done via automated probes represented by a giant green rectangle on one of my screens.  If part of that rectangle changes colors, something broke.  At the top of every hour, I have a checklist to go through and test a set of messaging servers from a customer's perspective. . . on four different handsets, all with different menu systems.  I've spent $15 on ringtones in the past few hours.  I found a menu full of Larry the Cable Guy ringtones, which keeps things light around here.  Well, it's time to test again.  I'm downloading some Nelly Furtado ringtones next.  Super cheesy busy work. Ciao.

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  1. Sounds like you are back to more laid back days....but nice to have a real job again.  Jeff Foxworthy has a new show on CMT on Friday nights. Surely Larry the Cable Guy will be on it.  Love that "Redneck" humor!