Saturday, September 30, 2006

Long live the weekend.

Last night, I was happy to chill at Cafe al Dente where I had pork chops and a mango relish with couscous, and a chocolate hazelnut tartufo which had some kind of raspberry syrup drizzled on the plate.  That place always amazes me with really good inexpensive food and how empty it is on a Friday night.  It's definitely a best kept secret in Kansas City.  Nic and I went to Skies and sipped port wine and watched the skyline go by, then we went to Harrah's where I played poker against some players that were so bad that *I* lost.  Limit Hold 'Em works out that way sometimes.  I got there too late to encounter the NASCAR crowd.  I should have gone to Ameristar.  Tonight I'm going to see KMFDM at the Grand Emporium, then head to Stifler's Mom's birthday bash house party at The Neida's place.  I promised myself that I would keep in mind that I have a hockey game tomorrow.  I'll see about going to the 49'ers game tomorrow, too.  I'll walk over to the stadium at game time and see if I can find a cheap ticket.

I skipped out on Octoberfest and the American Royal Parade today so I could have some greasy spoon breakfast at Debby's Diner, because Nic wanted coffee and the coffee at Monica's Diner isn't as good.  Of the diners on Hwy 40, Debby's is greasier than The Big Biscuit or Monica's put together.  I usually eat at Monica's because I like the food despite the use of canned mushrooms in the omelettes, so I avoid that, but otherwise I like their food. I just get milk or tea, because their coffee is really that bad.  Today at Debby's, I got the diced ham and scrambled eggs with a half order of biscuits and gravy with a side of hash browns with grilled onions.  It was 8.5 on a 10 point grease scale and the room was so smoky that my eyes were burning and my sinuses inflamed for over an hour after I left.  I read the local section of the KC Star which had egg yolk and hash brown bits on the editorial page.  I would have been more grossed out if it was yesterday's paper.  The coffee was good, but it was totally not worth it.  I wanted comfort food and ended up in discomfort.  <sigh>

I'll hit the American Royal BBQ next week for sure.  Since I'll be free during the day that day, not much could keep me away from it.  It *is* the largest barbecue contest in the world. 


  1. "a best kept secret"!!!  What the....?!  How the hell can you use a superlative with an indefinite article?!  It's either THE BEST or A WELL kept secret!  Sheesh, my eyes still hurt from reading that sentence.

    Don't be too alarmed, every great blog needs it's grammar nazi for a few random attacks. ;-)