Saturday, September 9, 2006

71000 square feet

After my shift this morning, I went in search of breakfast on the Sprint campus.  Yesterday morning, I bought a made to order omelette with some delicious mushrooms and tomato bits.  Today being Saturday, however, the gates were down over the cafeteria entrance.  So, I proceeded across the amphitheater to Java City, where I had bought a pretty good turkey and bacon wrap previously. . . to no avail.  It was also gated.  So, I walked to the area known as Town Center, which is more or less an impeccably landscaped open air mini mall. I found that only the gym was open.  I figured a place where 14,000 people work would have a nice gym, but I had no idea what awaited.  So, I scanned in and asked the front desk cutie for a tour.  She showed me the first floor cardio area, strength machines, the free weight area, and the treadwall which is like one of those rock climbing walls, but it loops continuously.  I saw a gym with three basketball courts and a bulletin board with the basketball and volleyball schedules.  The biggest aerobics room I've ever seen.  A separate room for cycling classes.  Table tennis.  Putting greens.  On the third floor, a 1/8 mile track around a very well equipped aerobics theater with screens all around replete with signs showing which FM frequency to tune to for the audio.  I saw the door to the yoga room and a brochure rack with a newsletter full of nutrition tips and brochures for upcoming local foot and cycle races.  We went back to the first floor and she gestured toward the locker rooms, so I checked that out, too.  Deee Luxe!  Wooden lockers.  Rows of shower stalls.  A steam room and a dry sauna.  So, what's the damage if I join?  $15 a week.  I might pay that just to be able to shower, shave, and change clothes before my shift.  Can I use chalk?  No.  Can I drop the weights?  No.  Is a trainer available?  Yes, to write a workout program for you based on your goals.  Will someone on staff spot for me?  Yes, if they are capable.  If not, they can ask another member to help. . . this coming from a little petite thing that probably weighed 120 or less.  Okay, so this gym is a show piece.  There were a few serious people in the free weight area.  It's not like a token gym which you'd find in a hotel chain where they'd crowd a few essential pieces of equipment intoa small room with mirrors.  This is a well equipped mega gym built with the best intentions.  Seventy one thousand square feet!  Landscaped with fountains and pampas grass. 

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  1. Sounds like you've hit paydirt!  My husband has started to avail himself of the equipment in the exercise room where he works; he wants to gain back the upper-body strength he had before his open-heart surgery.