Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, I worked a 12 hour day getting a house ready to be moved into tomorrow. I patched walls, knocked down cobwebs, swept the back porch, cleaned out a pretty gnarly garage situation which filled an entire dumpster, and helped the floor guy (who is another tenant working off some back rent) sand, sweep, seal, and topcoat the wood floors. I'll go back in the morning to replace the locks and the rubber food waste disposal gasket thing, which has somehow disentegrated. I have the items, but getting the floors done was more important and time critical than the screwdriver and wrench stuff. Tomorrow should be a pretty satisfying end to all this, when I can take video of the empty house to document any pre-existing damage (and lack thereof), collect the deposit and rent, and hand over keys and garage door openers, etc. She already signed the lease, so that's off my mind. Once her money is in my hands, my mental "no vacancy" sign can go back on, in more ways than one. I'll be back out of my recent negative cashflow situation.

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