Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Low stress

I have learned a lot about not stressing about things which I do not control over the past year or so.  Consequently. the recent loss of my job. which was not much of a surprise. actually made me giddy.  The worst downside so far is the loss of my cell number.  The fact that I can scrape by for several months on rental income is the parachute which makes the change so interesting.  I have spent the last couple of days replacing the services and devices which the company provided for free.  I am typing this blog entry on my new pocket pc phone camera mp3 player wifi thinger.  I am also thinking about my potential at this point.  What would I really rather be doing?  I know that I want to take sabbatical time to nail down some ideas.


  1. I am hoping some of your sabbatical includes a trip to my house???  We need to talk.  Love You!!!

  2. Hey Charles, sorry to hear about the job but it sounds like you don't mind that much :)
    Got a new email address? Drop me a line. This is Jason V. BTW.


  3. Hi Charles - be sure to give Adam and I your new phone number and email address.  We want to be able to stay in touch! ~JoLynn

  4. Hi, Charlie...sorry about the job.  I think you are right to decide what you really want and what is right for you.  Send you cousin an email if you want to chat.  Hugs, CS