Saturday, May 13, 2006


I interviewed in person today for a hot job and the interviewer and I agreed that I was overqualified, chatted for a while, shook hands, and that was that.  I'm only passively looking, but opportunities are falling in my lap.  At least I got a haircut and my resume is completely updated.  I keep thinking of things I should add, but the key stuff is already there and I don't want it to get wordy.

The KMBZ business luncheon at the downtown Marriott with John Stossel as guest speaker was great.  I've only skimmed the autographed book, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity - Why Everything You Know Is Wrong.  I liked his first book, Give me a Break.  It pretty much boils down the difference between the real risks and what we're afraid of and how government regulation actually kills people.  It's eye-opening stuff and really hard to refute, because the numbers he's compiled put things in perspective.  The writing style reminds me of a Rush Limbaugh book, except that Stossel is more Libertarian and a smidge more sardonic.  At any rate, I had a good time and it was intellectually stimulating. . . and the grilled salmon was pretty good, too.


  1. I watched the Stossel interview on Fox.  The myth he states about teachers being overpaid might be true in places across the country, but in OK...we are next to last, if not last, in pay.  Public school teachers certainly don't make the $58 and $63 thousand mentioned.  I would like to see him in person.  His views are provocative.  Good luck with finding just the right job fit.  Hugs, CS

  2. Yay!  Libertarian!  I have nothing more to add...

    Oh yeah, I've walked into interviews a lot where I'm overqualified.  It's no big deal, maybe it happens at a particular stage in our careers.  Fortunately, in New York, one can be overqualified and still make more money in the move.  

    How wordy is your resume?  Mine is 5 pages. =(