Thursday, August 28, 2008

AIM Dashboard Horror

I love to hate the page that loads up in the browser when you log into AIM.  I know how to turn it off, but I don't watch E! or read People, so it's really my only exposure to the celebrity fake news that Time Warner is cranking out.  The headline?  Michael Jackson faces his 50th birthday.  The article on the topic said he's working on a batch of songs.  I don't think he'll be able to stage a comeback unless he opens a show in Vegas.  It made Barry Manilow and Prince a ton of cash.  <shrug>  I am not a big MJ fan, but I did listen to his music in the 80's.  So, I clicked on the associated picture gallery on AOL which illustrates how he, sadly, has clearly ruined his face.  I have no words.  Click here for the horror.

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