Friday, December 28, 2007


Almost nobody was in the office today.  It was eerily quiet.  I replied to emails and did some research.  I got some studying done.  I really feel like I have the time to prepare for the CCIE exam and pass it.  I have exposure to the variety of technologies and real life implementations for the first time in my career that span the breadth of what's on the test.  I passed the written portion about 10 years ago and never took the lab.  I'm not sure I would have passed the lab. 


  1. My husband said there were very few working with him this week.  He prefers to take his vacation days at times that are more conducive to motorcycle-riding.  I'm in agreement with his preferences.

  2. I'm a day away from taking mine.  Tomorrow at 1:30.  I have to bone up on my weakest areas...

    OSPF details
    BGP details
    Multicast routing
    IPv6 and IPv6 routing protocols