Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finals week.

Instead of studying last night, I went to a show at The Granada (Granasty?), because it was Drew's first concert.  Rich and Drew waited patiently while I played hockey before going to the show.  The game went to a shootout and my team eventually won.  Despite the delay, we arrived just in time for the headliner to begin.  Perfect timing.  I had seen Victor Wooten before, a few times, so I knew it would be good.  I played hookie from work today to prepare for the project presentation, which I nailed, and the final exam, which I aced.  I'll make up my hours next week, for sure.  I'm hoping for an A in that class.  It was a great class.  So, school's out for the. . . weekend.  The next term starts Monday.  I didn't register.  I'm taking the next 8 weeks to focus on work.  There is a lot of travel coming up, so if I do take a class, it will have to be an online course.  The online courses are more expensive, so I'll look at the offerings tomorrow to see if I can identify something which is worthy of taking online.  Otherwise, I'll just let the financial aid folks know I'm taking a break.

Tonight, I'm baking.  I volunteered to help the Kansas City Curling Club with their 4th Annual BBQ Bonspiel (curling tournament) this weekend.  That involves being signed up to bring food.   Betty Crocker to the rescue.  I had signed up as an alternate.  I got put onto a team which needed a fourth, so I'll be curling all weekend.  It'll be a great change of pace.

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