Monday, March 5, 2007

Shifting gears.

I'm snacking on trail mix and taking a mental break at work.  I'm at that point in the day where I need to brew more tea, take a walk down the 1/3 mile hallway, and reset for the final stretch before quitting time.  I could keep going, but cannot vouch for the quality of my work once I hit that wall.

I had a good weekend.  I watched some UFC fights with my brother's coworker compadres.  I missed a Grinders outing and I skipped the Saturday workout, but I played hockey Sunday.  What a great game.  Every shot I took bounced off the goalie or missed slightly to the left of the post, but everyone on my line scored off my rebounds.  We kicked their butts.  They got less than 10 shots the whole game, and most of those came in the last period after we had a 6 goal lead and let up a bit.

Windows Media Player has generated the strangest "shuffle" playlist today.  Lots of Boca 45, Dr. Rubberfunk, and Finger Lickin' Allstars on the funky side, with some Korn and Queens of the Stone Age rock mixed in.  Some Scissor Sisters remixes to keep it light and some Boozoo Bajou to get my pulse back below 60.  And some Gwen Stefani to remind me to take a break.  I'll keep this mix on my handheld for a few more days.

The server guys are sending me more crazy last minute requests for the servers they are installing today.  I needed to change gears, anyway.

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