Saturday, December 10, 2005

56 Hope Road at Mike's

Tonight I saw The Duo Trio, my brother's band, at Mike's Tavern, followed by a fine band from Chicago called 56 Hope Road (pictured).  Their sound is difficult to classify, so they get lumped into the jam band genre.  The band they remind me of the most is Eels.  I had a good time.  I got hit on by the aunt of the Duo Trio guitarist.  She was fun to dance with at first.  Then she became stumbling drunk, which wasn't fun when she was waving her cigarette around.  I think she burned my hand just as she was reminding me that I was cute.  Hey, (no) thanks.

The rest of the day was pretty standard.  The snow looks less beautiful today.  Someone pulled Kortney's car out of the ditch before I got a picture of it.  There's another car which is stuck on 43rd with a telephone pole where the radiator should be.  I managed to avoid sliding off the road, but I did get stuck on one of those hills yesterday and had to put it in reverse.  I just went right back home, because it's just not worth the risk when the roads are that slick.

I found a cell phone in the snow in the Price Chopper parking lot.  So, I called 611 to report it lost.  It told me the phone was in a shared plan with 5100 rollover minutes.  Wow.  I navigated the IVR to a Cingular chica on the other end, who assumed I was trying to report another phone lost.  I explained that I had found this phone, so she asked for the zip code, and gave me the location of the nearest Cingular store where I could drop it off.  Whatever.  Then, I went into the stored numbers and found an entry called "me".  I called it and got the voice mail box which had no password.  The first message goes, "Hi, Matt!" and blah blah blah.  I found another entry called "mom" with a local number.  I called it and left a message that I had found Matt's phone and asked her to please call me so I can return it.  Later, Matt's mom called from Wal-Mart, where she was on break and said that I could drop it off with her in the garden department.  I was only 3 miles away eating dinner.  So, I did.  She called me a good Samaritan, thanked me, and checked me out.  I bought some thick winter socks and a couple of Christmas gifts.  She wanted to reward me somehow, but she didn't have anything.  If I had thought fast, I would have asked her to swipe her employee discount card.

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  1. That was a fun show.  Thanks for taking the pictures.  Even the limited amount of video you took helps.  I now know about one vocal part I've been doing that pretty much sucks.  Now I can fix it.

    I'll have to have you tape the entire Hurricane show, so I can get all critical and perfect more stuff.