Thursday, November 10, 2005

Asbestos dust is delicious.

I ended up on some mailing list about natural cures and such.  I believe about one tenth of the stuff in these mailings.  The recurring theme is preventing the flu.  I've been to to read what all the hype is about.  There's a lot of avian influenza (bird flu) material there.  The main lesson I took from it all is don't kiss anyone who breathes dried chicken poop dust in Cambodia.  I think I'm safe for now.  It's like the pamphlet they give you when you buy and/or finance a house.  I have a stack of these blue booklets which warn about lead and asbestos.  If you have lead paint, don't eat it.  If you have to cut asbestos, don't suck the dust into your lungs.  My favorite part involves letting the water run for 30 seconds before filling your drinking glass, if you have lead water pipes.  During my recent bathroom remodel, the floor tile contractor dude found a layer of tile underneath two other layers of flooring material.  It's a gorgeous green color, but it's asbestos.  Lovely.  I suspect it's all over the house.  The advice is to be aware of it and leave it alone.

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