Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost punched a guy.

So, last Saturday I went to Cowboys Stadium on a whim to see if I could find a cheap ticket at the last minute. There were plenty and I started a bidding war and got a ticket for far less than face value. I got to the stadium just in time for the national anthem. It was played on guitar by Ted Nugent, and it rocked, up to a point where it was drowned out by a group of Mexicans in a nearby standing room only section chanting "Gringos suck!" I was about >< that close to punching the one closest to me, but the song ended and they stopped and I thought that I'd rather see the game than worry about a bunch of drunken idiots misbehaving in the cheap seats. Anyway, I don't know of anything as spectacular as Cowboys Stadium in Mexico. If you don't like gringos, please go back to Mexico. Next time, I'll probably be less tolerant if you disrespect Ted Nugent, and even less tolerant if you are shouting slurs during the Star Spangled Banner.