Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Militia Indicators.

I had no idea I had anything in common with militia members. There's a document recently distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center called "The Modern Militia Movement" which lists the indicators of militia involvement for the awareness of Missouri law enforcement. I match the description on about 10% of the items. The other 90% includes some hillbilly extremist nuttiness. Some of the points of view listed are exactly the things I learned in civics class in junior high school. Also listed are a series of conspiracy theories, most of which are easily discredited, and others which are difficult to discredit. Some of the indicators include bumper stickers, one of which I had on my Jeep for probably six months. Two of the political candidates and one of the political movements, I fully supported in the previous election and beyond. One, I voted for in the primaries, and one I voted for in the general election. Do I have even a remote urge to join a militia? No. I just found it interesting that I couldn't completely dodge all the indicators of belonging to a militia movement. I just hope I don't get "profiled" by police.

And to completely change the subject, in Florida they're taping magnets to the heads of crocodiles to keep them from finding their way home after they're relocated. The theory is that crocs can sense magnetic north. I wonder if this is working?