Sunday, September 28, 2008

43 cars, 400 miles, 1068 left turns.

I attended the Camping World RV 400 NASCAR event today.  I have a minor sunburn on my right arm and my right ear, and tinitis in both ears.  But I saw some decent racing.  I thought Carl Edwards was going to win near the end of the race, but he got into the wall on the last turn and didn't quite make it past number 48, Jimmie Johnson.  I also learned that listening to Dale Jr. chew out his spotters on the radio adds some entertainment value.  Three chicken tenders for eight bucks can be a bargain, if it's the only low carb, low sodium, protein option available.  Smoking, drinking, extended standing, and exuberant pumping of one's fist in the air when one's favorite driver is doing well is allowed in the stands.  Free parking is not free. . . if it takes a quarter tank of gas and an hour of stop and go bumper to bumper nonsense to get out of there.  On the other hand, I had a pretty good time. 


  1. If Carl had passed on that last lap with a little less accelerator, he might not have pushed up into the wall and he would have won....or if Jimmy Johnson had not had a faster pitstop on that last one.....or if Jimmy had not checked up and then taken off again  with 1or 2  laps to go knowing that Carl would not run into him but would check up also (Carl isn't like Kyle Busch or Jr.).  Oh well, that is racing but it was an exciting ending for the race.  It just makes me more anxious for the races at TMS in Oct/Nov.  I already renewed our season tickets for next year!

  2. Yea!  We'll get to see you guys at LEAST in April, June and November.  

    Texas Motor Speedway = 9.4 miles from the new homestead.