Thursday, May 8, 2008

Group Vacation

A group of my coworkers have decided to pool our resources for a Memorial Day weekend getaway.  The number is up to six.  Someone is providing a plane.  Someone is providing a house in the Florida Keys.  Someone is providing a fishing boat.  We're all chipping in for some Jet A fuel and fishing supplies.  This could get very interesting.  I may have said before that I work with some really crazy multifaceted people.  I predict that somebody will end up in jail or the hospital. My wish is to be a witness and not a victim as the mayhem ensues.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the opera.  Adam D. has a major role, so I want to see the product of his labor, because I've been tending the garden by myself while he's been in daily rehearsals.  I have to know by tomorrow morning how many people are going.  So far it seems like only two.

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