Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Home from Illinios

I spent some quality time in an office in Illinois.  I got the meet "the sausage king of Chicago" or at least the folks who run a major sausage/bacon/pepperoni/salami/chorizo operation.  I got to set up the network for their headquarters.  They didn't go with my suggested design,  because the electrical construction to add redundant power and switching capacity would take too long and cost too much, but what they have works well enough.  There are still some problems to sort out, but I'm fairly certain the problems aren't network related, aside from some silly 802.11b VoIP phones, which are not so good for business communications.  Maybe the technology isn't ready yet, but I thought the voice quality was borderline good enough.  I hope they get wired phones.  This was the first place I've seen where all the cabling is Category 6.  I was shocked that most of the switch modules weren't gigabit Ethernet, because all of their new computers support it.

I got a kick out of this story.
"Albert Gore III, son of the former Veep, has been arrested in southern California for driving over 100 mph in a car stashed with marijuana, vicodin, xanex, valium, and adderol.  But at least he was driving a Prius!"

I didn't know a Prius could do 100 mph.

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