Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I got a good sweat going tonight.  The Wednesday night Summer league sort of degenerated into a drop-in session, but it's way more fun, and somehow the teams have been more equal.  Tonight was a high scoring game.  It was 9-7.  My team won.  We didn't pull it together until the last period.  We adjusted the lines until it worked.  The first period, I played defense, the second period, left wing, the third period, center. 

I agreed to play hockey with the Whiteman Bombers again in the Fall.  A big portion of the team is in the Air Force and it's hard to have a solid season when half your good players keep getting shipped to Iraq.  We sort of dominated our division through the play-offs, so they moved the team up a division.  I welcome the stiffer competition, but I fear we may have to adjust to a faster game.  I don't think I'll have a problem, because of my experience in the Tuesday night game at the AMF Ice Chateau (aka King Louie).  I discovered a pace of hockey which rarely occurs at the recreational level.  Most of the players are current or former Division I NCAA players.  Many of them are high school hockey coaches or referees.  Since AMF is closing that rink, that game is moving to Pepsi Ice Midwest. 

Tonight, the captain emailed the team photo we took when we won the championship game.

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