Monday, November 20, 2006

Busy busy

I've been slacking on the post frequency here.  I have a backlog of material to post.  I'm super happy to have no vacant rent houses and a full time job.  But all isn't well on that front.  I have a deadbeat tenant now, who is about to be evicted.  I have to do some due diligence, however.  There are some repairs which were deferred until he started paying some rent, but he's now told me that he won't be paying the rent until the repairs are done.  I suggested we make a contract.  If I do the repairs and don't see the money, I can then file the appropriate papers at the courthouse and make an appointment with the sheriff to put him out.  Either way, the repairs are necessary in order to show the house to potential new tenants.  It's a cute house, it just needs some love. . . and tenants who will pay the rent on time.

On the hockey front, I played center last night, but the wingers on my line had no passing skills.  I may as well have been playing defense, because I spent the better part of my shifts skating backwards.  In fact, the best scoring chances happened when I stole the puck away at center ice, rotated with the left defenseman, passed the puck forward to him, then followed the play.  Handing it off to a winger wasn't working.  I always look forward to playing on Tuesday with more skilled players.  I know where they are going, I can zing the puck to them, then I can get open in front of the net.

The nephew had his tenth birthday.  I helped him get an old computer working in his bedroom by swapping out a bad monitor and removing a lot of unnecessary software which was loading at startup.  At least he can play Starcraft on it now.

I attended Lake's birthday party for a couple of hours.  I didn't stay long enough for cake because I had to run off to work.  Someone's grandma died and someone had a kid, so I got scheduled for overtime.  I had intended to use the time to study and do homework on Sunday, among other things.  Now, I have more than I can possibly get done today and I have to sleep at some point.  I skipped my workout.  I'm still recovering from a hockey game, anyhow.

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