Monday, June 19, 2006

Network Nerd Invasion

Too late with the slot machine advice, bro.  I've sworn off of them for a long time after yesterday's burn.  I held my own in poker, but my full house met four of a kind, and betting top two pair didn't matter when some guy with more money than sense rivered a set, and nobody cares about your preflop raise in a 2/4 limit game at the Golden Nugget, but now I don't have the bankroll for much more.  Not sure I want to do much more gambling, really.  I can do that at home.  I need to learn the no-limit game.  BADLY!  There's a tournament starting every few hours downtown.  I want to enter the 1am tourney this weekend, maybe. My ticket for Ultimate Fight Night at the Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday afternoon is secured.  I'm THERE!! 
My biggest win was at the vendors event at this conference.  Free sushi buffet!  Free shirts and schwag.  Way cool.  At one booth, I won a Deal or No Deal thingy and got $10 cash and a flashlight keychain with a corporate logo on it for picking the right briefcase and listening to the speel.  Not bad considering it was free.
Networkers is the most amazing concentration of overpaid walking genetic mistakes per square centimeter.  That said, there's more talent in this one building right now than should be allowed to exist in one building.  Revenge of the nerds, indeed.  Most of these dudes didn't get the girl, but they are paid and have it made in the shade.  I would love to know the average IQ in here.  If not for the food service staff and the spokesmodels at these booths who have little product knowledge, it would exceed 120, and that's a conservative estimate.
The training classes go at a pace which keeps me alert, and that's saying a lot.  The top rated Global Knowledge trainers are leading the labs.  I even got to do some BGP tricks I had never tried before.  And after doing MPLS VPNs all afternoon, I'm a stud at that, too.  Well, back to socializing.  I've met some of the commercial customers I supported when I was employed.  It's interesting to hear good things about your work from the customer's perspective.

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